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NCIS Rant: Hung Out to Dry (OAD: 9/30/03)

I worship DPB. He is the wind beneath my wings.

Emperor of the crime drama, king of the UST, this man is a freaking genius.

But enough about him. I really want to gush about tonight's episode of NCIS.

Damn--if some guy crashed through my car roof, I would've shrieked, too! Then I probably would've passed out from shock. That's not exactly something you expect, now, is it?

Okay, are they going to start every episode with Gibbs working on his boat?

Lessee--his cell phone's in a jar of something--I have no idea what it is. Paint thinner, maybe? My mind isn't on the right wavelength to pick up these subtleties yet. His land line is cut, too. Dinozzo shows up, walks right into the basement, and proceeds interrupt Gibbs' leisure time again.

Ooh, Gibbs likes to work with his hands, huh? *grin*

All right, Shannon. Get your mind out of the gutter, woman.

*innocently* The gutter? What are you talking about?

You know what I mean.

But I need a ladder to climb into the gutter.


All right, fine. I'll get back to the rant.

So, they get to the crime scene. The female witness is cold, so Gibbs takes the guy's coat from him and gives it to her. I love this man. (No, AE, I'm not going to get off-track. Yet.)


*chuckle* Gibbs is obviously not up on modern-day pop culture. In the last episode, he asked why Abby would want to go to a "phat party". In this one, the male witness says that he and the girl were listening to Dashboard Confessional. Gibbs has no idea what this is, and the guy says, "You know. Emo," which gets Gibbs even more confused. This should make for some interesting moments in future episodes.

W00t! Gibbs gives Kate some boots to wear at the scene. "How did you know my size?" He just smiles. I love his smile...

Anyway, he says, "You can't work a field in high heels." After he walks away, Dinozzo says, "It depends on how you're working it." *laughs* He's so immature, but it's an amusing immaturity. Kate replies, "Your mind, Dinozzo, runs the gamut from X to triple X." He agrees with her.

Apparently, it's Gibbs' "anniversary". He's had three wives. Every year, the third wife calls him, drunk. "Gibbs is a man of more questions than answers." You are so right, Ducky... but is that an omen that we're not going to find out much about him? I hope not--he's a fascinating character. Apart from that! C'mon, I'm not that much of an obsessed fangirl, am I?

Is that a rhetorical question, sweetpea?

You need to stop seeing that psychotic rat. He's rubbing off on you.

He certainly is.

Gah! Bad mental image! Ew, ew, ew!

*shudder* Now that I'm scarred for life, let's get on with this.

Ha! Dinozzo says that Kate "could be the NCIS poster girl in that outfit". I love the fact that he's so blatantly misogynistic--it fits the whole immature aspect of him.

More investigation stuff...

Forgive me. It's interesting, but I just don't have the patience to take notes on it.

Okay. Apparently, Dinozzo was a Baltimore cop before he came to NCIS.

Kate wanted to be a lawyer--did one year of law school before getting bored.

"You just like strappin' on a gun." This from Abby. Kate replies, "Oh, more than that."

"You packing more heat than it looks like?"

"Do you have more tattoos than that?"

"You show me yours and I'll show you mine."

(cakemage, you must be loving this. Well, you probably would, if you weren't in pain. Feel better soon, sweetie!)

Cut to Gibbs and Dinozzo. Hee. Gibbs says to Dinozzo, "No, you fall in the category of wanting a kick in the ass on the ground."

*sigh* Okay, off-topic here. I now notice that I'm calling the male characters by their last names, and the female characters by their first names. I could get in the habit of calling Dinozzo "Tony", but calling Gibbs "Leroy" or "Jethro"? Uh-uh. I'll stick with Gibbs, thanks. My writing prof would go ballistic if she read this. She'd go off into one of her rants on how a woman is denied her name, and is reduced in respect by not getting a last name. Whatever. Kate is a pretty name; Leroy is not. Mmmkay?

Back to business. Eee!! Bud's in this ep! Cool! Gibbs tries to use his interrogation skills on him, but he won't crack this time. However, Gibbs got what he wanted--permission to search the Marines' lockers.

Dinozzo makes a stupid remark about Gibbs' exes. Both Gibbs and Kate get ticked off at him.

Huh. Well, I guess Gibbs needs reading glasses--he can't read the ingredients on a can found in one of the lockers.

Well, Dinozzo and I have something in common--both our handwriting is illegible. However, I can actually type, while he has to do the hunt-and-peck method.

Bwah! Dinozzo and Gibbs go up in the plane with the Marines who are jumping. They get the guilty Marine to confess, and the other Marines try to attack him. Then, Dinozzo falls out of the plane! Hey, he wanted to jump! Gibbs just calls after him, "Goodbye, Dinozzo!"

Tsk, tsk. Gibbs has no personal life, does he? He's stayed late at work for both episodes this season.

Aw... he goes and finishes the treehouse for the kid whose father was killed. That is so sweet. *sniff* Okay, so I'm a sap. You gotta problem with that?

Whee! I'm assuming that Gibbs is not, in fact, married. Too bad DPB has that thing about following the rules. Oh, well. UST is much more fun, anyway. *grins evilly*

That's it for tonight! I'm off to watch "The Daily Show". Hope you enjoyed my (rather stilted) recap of NCIS!

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