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I hate school.

No, I suppose that's not true. I love my classes--particularly the Shakespeare course that I'm taking. What I hate is how expensive school is. I have a grand total of $24 in my bank account, and I still need to purchase three textbooks and six novels. Before Tuesday. I have no idea how I'm going to do this. Maybe I should go rob a bank. *sigh* (And y'all realize I'm just kidding, right? Remember, kiddies, breaking the law is bad.)

Anyway, I'm sitting here, typing this, while I should be doing a whole list of things for my classes. Let's see, I still have to:

  1. Summarize an article on Java for Computer Science;

  2. Write a reflection paper on a book for MCC;

  3. Do ten problems for Calculus, and

  4. Read "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

Fortunately, the article summary isn't due 'til Friday. But I'd better get going on the rest of it. Damn, I am screwed, aren't I?

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