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I wish to perform SMASHY DEATH on my roommate's stereo. Unfortunately, SMASHY DEATH is seen as a Very Bad Thing in the eyes of my roommate (not to mention the Judicial Board), so I will have to settle for putting on my headphones and blasting Norah Jones as loud as my aching, stuffy head can stand.


04/12 - Five years ago, Harm and Mac decided that if they hadn't met anyone else - they would have a child together. Now time's up - what's going to happen? CHARLES JOHNSON, one of JAG's Co-Executive Producers said in a chat on Paramount's website "My lips are sealed, but watch the Season Finale in May for an update." He also stated that he would "venture to say that there will be one or two new faces in the new season."

I swear to God, if they introduce "one or two new faces in the new season" and still get rid of AJ, I'm not going to watch JAG next season. I'll still follow NCIS, but no more JAG. If they're reverting to The Harm Show, then what's the point?

And I won't even comment on the stupid baby promise.
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