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My day (not that anyone cares)

So, my day started off pretty uneventful. Woke up, got dressed, checked my e-mail. Found a new story by cakemage in my inbox. Was happy. Went to breakfast, went to class, nearly threw my monitor out the window after having to completely rewrite a program. Checked e-mail.

Went to my creative writing class. We had a writing exercise today in which we had to write a pivotal moment in our lives from two different points of view. Then, a few lucky stiffs got to share theirs with the class. I was one of them.

Have you ever come to one of those moments in your life where you could take two different paths? Robert Frost calls it a "road in a yellow wood"--the "road not taken". Terry Pratchett prefers the metaphor "the trousers of time". Whatever you want to call it, it can be big or small. I didn't have to volunteer to read my story aloud--but for some strange reason, I did. I don't know--perhaps I was possessed for the split second it took for me to raise my hand and the professor to call on me.

God, I was scared at that moment. I started off too quietly, and had to start over. We were outside today (one of the prof's more brilliant ideas--it was freaking cold), and I didn't exactly want the entire campus to hear me. My voice shook uncontrollably. I stuttered, I stumbled over my words, my voice cracked in places. My hands trembled for a good fifteen minutes afterward. But I did it. And I feel proud of myself. I have never had the courage to share that particular experience with anyone. It just doesn't seem... important enough, life-changing enough. Besides, I'm not very personable in real life (shocker, huh?).

Why am I sharing this with a bunch of complete strangers? I have no idea. It seems so much easier to say these things to a group of nameless, faceless people, than classmates I'll see twice a week until the end of the semester. And sometimes more often than that.

Perhaps I'll post the stories here. It can't be any worse than having to read them aloud to a bunch of other people I don't know.

Anyway, apparently, I had an Irish accent when I read my story. Don't ask me--it's what the professor said. I don't know if I really did, or it was just power of suggestion, but some of my classmates agreed with her. Prof. said that you can really see how you can call upon the power of your ancestors when facing things like that. WTF? The woman may have a Ph.D., but she's a complete nutjob. (No, I'm not just assuming this from one experience with her strangeness. You have to meet this woman to believe it. But then, I suppose she's about as sane as some of the people I've met online.)

And I guess I'm good at forming three-dimensional characters. Huh. You learn new things all the time.

*rolls eyes* God, I'm soppy today. Forgive me. Sometimes you just need to get these things out, you know?

So, anyway, I went for a nice long walk afterward--got all that adrenaline out of my system. Went to the bank. Cashed check. That reminds me--I still haven't gotten my PIN number for my new ATM card.

Got back to school. Went to lab. Worked on computer science homework. Completely rewrote program (again). Refrained from smashing keyboard into tiny bits. Checked e-mail.

Finished class. Went home. Checked e-mail. Did calculus homework. (Well, most of it, anyway.) Checked e-mail. (Are we sensing a theme here?)

Went to dinner. Came back. All together now: checked e-mail.

Studied for Shakespeare test. Went to Theater meeting. Studied while at Theater meeting. (What? Only eight people showed up anyway. And I have forty lines of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Measure for Measure" to memorize by tomorrow.)

Came back to room. Checked e-mail. Studied some more.

Got online. Checked for any possibly decent stories. Resisted urge to report NC-17 fic in JAG area. Read update of "Salazar's Heir".

Checked Fandom_Wank. Read Pern wank.

Checked ajmacfic. Read new part of round robin. Swore and kicked myself for not updating website.

Updated website. Checked e-mail.

Checked LiveJournal. Read amusing posts. Read not-so-amusing posts. Read posts and had to resist flaming.

Talked to cakemage. Agreed that today was boring.

Got really bored. Decided to post about my day.

I am a loser, aren't I?

I think I'll go watch the season premiere of NCIS again. Mmm, Mark Harmon...

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