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FF: Unexpected Discoveries, Part 7

Title: Unexpected Discoveries, (7/?)

Author: raindroproses

Rating: PG-13
Category: Drama, Romance, Crossover (JAG/NCIS/HP)

Spoilers: Season 1 (Navy NCIS), "The One That Got Away" (JAG)

Disclaimer: These characters belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, etc. No infringement is intended. Oh, and anything else that you recognize probably belongs to J.K. Rowling.

Summary: A string of seemingly unrelated unsolved murders leads our favorite NCIS team to an amazing discovery. Sequel to "Confused Memories". JAG/NCIS/Harry Potter crossover.

Mac entered her office and slammed the door behind her. She pulled off her heavy robes and threw them onto the coat rack in the corner. She could feel the gazes of three infuriated NCIS agents land on her. She dropped into the chair behind her desk.

"Go ahead; ask your questions," she said, sighing wearily. She rubbed her forehead, trying to dispel the tension from her meeting with NCIS Director Thomas Morrow.

She heard something placed on the table before her. She opened her eyes. The female agent--Todd, Mac thought her name was--had poured her a glass of water. She smiled gratefully and took a sip.

"Colonel..." Agent Dinozzo started. "How should we address you, anyway? Uh, ma'am," he appended at a glare from Agent Gibbs.

"Colonel or Auror MacKenzie is fine," Mac replied. "However, we'll be working pretty closely, so I suggest you call me Mac."

"Colonel..." Tony tried again. He struggled with his thoughts for a moment, then apparently gave up. "Is all this for real?" he asked incredulously.

Mac smiled grimly. "Are the deaths of seven of my people for real?" Tony fell silent. "You'd better believe this is for real, Agent Dinozzo."

Mac sighed and glanced at the other two agents. Kate Todd looked confused--and upset over her confusion. Jethro Gibbs... well, it was next to impossible to tell what that man was feeling.

"I assume that my assistant filled you in on Wizarding society and government?" Mac asked. Tony grinned at the mention of the young blonde assistant, while Kate nodded in affirmation. Mac rolled her eyes. "Don't even think about it, Agent Dinozzo. You think an Italian family is protective? You've never met an old Wizarding family. They're protective both of their bloodlines and their daughter's feelings. They would hex you from here to Antarctica--and laugh the entire time." Tony's eyes widened. Mac hid a smile.

Kate spoke up. "Colonel, Ms. DeSoto mentioned something called... Unforgivables, I think they were. What are they?"

Mac sat back and assumed her teaching voice. "The three Unforgivables are the three curses that earn you an automatic life sentence in Alcatraz. And yes, I do mean that Alcatraz. They are the Cruciatus Curse, the Imperius Curse, and the Killing Curse. The Cruciatus is a curse used for torture--it causes unimaginable pain." Her eyes darkened. "Believe me." She shook herself and continued. "The Imperius is used to completely control another person. It is nearly impossible to resist, unless one has a high degree of experience with resistance techniques." She paused, then continued. "The Killing Curse, or Avada Kedavra, is just as it sounds--a curse for killing cleanly and painlessly. All three are untraceable, but as all spells do, leave a magical signature behind. We have only been able to discover that, it seems, in the past ten years."

She stood and paced. "If it is proven that these victims were killed by magical means, an Auror team will be called in. Aurors are--"

"Dark wizard hunters?" Kate interrupted.

Mac nodded and smiled thinly. "Dark wizard hunters. Speaking of proving this--where are your medical examiner and lab technician? They'll need to be briefed as well. Director Morrow has agreed to allow your team to specialize in... these types of cases."

"What will you be doing during all this, Colonel?" Gibbs asked.

"I will be assisting your investigation in any way I can," Mac replied curtly, sitting once more.

Gibbs raised an eyebrow. "Are you authorized to do so?"

"I don't give a damn if I'm authorized or not, Agent Gibbs," she snapped. "These people are my responsibility, and I will be following your investigation every step of the way."

"You don't have a personal stake in all of this?" His piercing blue eyes met her flashing brown ones.

She stared at the file the owl had delivered an hour before. Seven murders in as many months. All of wizards and witches who had joined the Muggle world, renouncing their magical status.

Her stomach began to roil. She was no longer a target. But what about AJ...?

Mac's eyes widened. She broke eye contact, and the memory faded. She stared at the top of her desk, then raised her eyes to his again in astonishment. He smirked at her slightly.

"I don't believe that is any of your business." She stood, ending the meeting. "You have an investigation you need to get back to. I'm sure an MLE tech will be at NCIS headquarters pretty soon--you'll want to let your ME know." She walked over and opened the door. "Olivia, please call security and have them escort the agents out."

"Yes, ma'am," the blonde replied, turning to the smaller fireplace behind her desk.

When the three agents were gone, Mac leaned her head on the back of her chair. "Olivia!" she yelled.

The assistant hurried through the doorway. "Yes, Auror MacKenzie?"

Mac nearly rolled her eyes, but caught herself just in time. The young woman would get over her case of hero worship soon. Hopefully. "Get me any information you can about Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Magical, Muggle, public or classified--I don't care. Use my name if you have to--but only this once."

Olivia nodded eagerly, happy to have something important to do. "Yes, ma'am!" She nearly ran out of the office in her excitement.

Mac smiled. The girl really was like Coates at times.
Tags: crossovers, fic: jag, fic: ncis

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