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FF: Unexpected Discoveries, Part 2

Title: Unexpected Discoveries, (2/?)

Author: raindroproses

Rating: PG-13
Category: Drama, Romance, Crossover (JAG/NCIS/HP)

Spoilers: Season 1 (Navy NCIS), "The One That Got Away" (JAG)

Disclaimer: These characters belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, etc. No infringement is intended. Oh, and anything else that you recognize probably belongs to J.K. Rowling.

Author's Note: I probably should've marked this as a work-in-progress, huh? Well, this is a WIP.

Summary: A string of seemingly unrelated unsolved murders leads our favorite NCIS team to an amazing discovery. Sequel to "Confused Memories". JAG/NCIS/Harry Potter crossover.

"Grab your gear," Jethro Gibbs said tersely.

Tony Dinozzo and Kate Todd exchanged amused glances. Every time they had a case, the senior agent used the same words. 'Grab your gear.'

"Where to this time, boss?" Tony asked.

"I'll tell you in the truck." Kate rolled her eyes. Typical Gibbs--he never gave the entire story.

They piled into the truck, with Tony behind the wheel. Kate kept her eyes inside the vehicle and managed not to turn green. "So what's going on, Gibbs?" she asked, pulling out her Palm Pilot.

"Marine major was found dead in her apartment last night. Neighbors heard two gunshots, about five minutes apart."

"What's her name?"

"Irene Waterson."

"Nice name," Tony said, making a sharp right turn. Kate had to make a split-second decision--keep a firm hold on her PDA, or reach out and grab the dashboard. She chose the former, not wanting to replace it again. The warranty on this one had just expired. She tried to keep herself upright, but ended up leaning on Gibbs anyway. Tony parked the truck, and Kate straightened up, glaring at him halfheartedly. Her right arm was tingling where it had pressed against Gibbs.

They climbed out of the truck and made their way into the apartment building. Kate knew when they had found the right apartment--LEOs swarmed everywhere. They ducked under the yellow tape and surveyed the apartment.

"Where is she?" Gibbs asked a nearby officer.

"Bedroom." The man led them into the tiny bedroom. A woman lay on the floor, clad in a USMC t-shirt. There were no marks on her that Kate could see. A Glock was in her hand.

"Kate, you look for any bullets. Tony, clear these LEOs out of here." Kate nodded snapped on a pair of gloves. She began to systematically search the wall by the door for bullet holes. Gibbs knelt by the body. He put on gloves as well and lifted the handgun. He sniffed the barrel. "Hasn't been fired."

Kate nodded. "Nothing over here." She turned and walked around Gibbs and the body. She began to examine the wall behind the bed. "Maybe he surprised her."

Even without turning, Kate could imagine the look on Gibbs' face. "He obviously surprised her. No Marine would ever make herself a target if she was conscious."

"There was no sign of forced entry," the policeman volunteered. Kate turned to see Gibbs glaring at him.

"Dinozzo!" he yelled.

"Yeah, boss?" Tony stuck his head through the doorway.

"I thought I told you to get everyone out of here."

Tony looked contrite. "Sorry, Gibbs." He ushered the man out of the bedroom.

Ducky and Gerald finally arrived. The three agents still hadn't found anything. Ducky knelt by the body. "No bruising; no blood. She may have been smothered to death, but the force to hold a Marine officer down would cause some kind of marking on the body." He started to shake a finger. Kate recognized the medical examiner's storyteller pose. "I knew of this one man in Australia, who--"

"Duck. Can you give me a time of death?" Gibbs cut him off.

Ducky gave him a long-suffering look. "Jethro, how many times do I have to tell you? I can't give you a time of death just by looking at the body." He turned to his assistant. "Gerald?"

The man handed him a tool of some sort. Kate shook her head and knelt. She began searching the final wall. By now, she wasn't expecting to find anything, but she knew Gibbs would expect her to be thorough.

"Whoa! What's this?" Tony's voice echoed through the tiny apartment. Kate stood and followed Gibbs out of the room.

Tony was standing in a coat closet. He held up a strange object. Kate just couldn't resist--it was so easy. "How about coming out of the closet, Dinozzo?"

"Ha, ha," he replied sarcastically. He stepped out and handed Gibbs the small glass ball. As soon as Gibbs took it, it began to glow red. Gibbs frowned. "What the hell?" He held it up and inspected it more closely.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang. He shifted the ball to his left hand and pulled the phone out of his pocket. "Gibbs."

To Kate's surprise, Gibbs looked almost happy. "Hey. I know I forgot to call you--I'm at work." She noticed the glowing red object in his hand suddenly went clear again. She raised an eyebrow, shrugged, and turned back to her work.

She ignored the niggling voice in the back of her mind that asked why she felt jealous.
Tags: crossovers, fic: jag, fic: ncis

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