like a psychotic rainbow (raindroproses) wrote,
like a psychotic rainbow

Love That Fandom Friend, Part 2

Note: Look over here if you wanna know what the heck this is about!

My Friend: kris8974

How I met her: ajmacfic, of course! I mean, we're both HUGE AJ/Mac fans. She is one of the few people that reviews on a regular basis, so it wasn't hard to get to know her.

Something she's written: Lessee... how about Chance Encounters? It's a JAG/NCIS crossover (w00t!) and it has Gibbs/Mac friendship and AJ/Mac romance (double w00t!). Oh, and the slight Harm-bashing doesn't hurt, either. *grin*

Why I adore this person: Aw, come on! How can you not adore Kris? She's a good writer and a good friend. She just rocks!
Tags: fandom
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