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Love That Fandom Friend, Part 1

Okay, so this is blatantly ripped off from leogryffin's Love That HP Fandom Friend. However, since I don't have that many friends from HP fandom, I've decided to expand it to all fandoms. *grin* Hope you don't mind, leogryffin!

My Friend: cakemage

How I met her: I was slowly (veeeery slowly) posting my first AJ/Mac fic, Sonnets of Life, on the Pit of Voles. I wasn't expecting many reviews; I mean, that place is infested with Harm/Mac shippers. However, cakemage reviewed it, and encouraged me to continue. She told me that if I ever wanted a Harm-bashing session, to contact her. I'm not sure who e-mailed whom first, but someone did, and the rest is history.

Something she's written: Hmm... well, I love all of her fanfic, but if I had to choose one, I'd have to say Not Such a Bad Day After All. It's Mac/Jen, and she wrote the first chapter based on a challenge that I had given her. (Actually, the second chapter was based on a challenge, as well.)

Why I adore this person: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...
1) She brings the snark, adorably and unrelentingly.
2) She showed me the greatness that is fandom_wank.
3) She is the reason I have a LiveJournal in the first place.
4) Storytime, dude. *grin*
5) My alter ego (known, predictably, as AE) is in love with her Little Buddy, a psychopathic, homicidal, genetically-altered British squirrel. Don't ask. Really. Don't ask.
Tags: fandom

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