like a psychotic rainbow (raindroproses) wrote,
like a psychotic rainbow


My feet are soaked. In order to cross the street, I had to step in a puddle that went up to my ankle. I like rain, but not this much!

*sigh* I wanted to get more of my new fic written today, but I have to write a two-page reaction paper on welfare reform for tomorrow. I haven't even finished reading the debate. Ah, well--I only have ten pages left to read. I'll do it during dinner.

Speaking of my new fic, I've come up with a name: "Unexpected Discoveries". Now, this may only be a working title, but at least I don't just have to call it "the story". *grin*

I actually have quite a bit of "the story" outlined in my head. Crossovers are so much fun! *bounce*

EDIT: Oh, yeah--forgot to add that I got an A on my Bible midterm. I got 81 out of 100 questions right. Go, me! *grin*
Tags: real life stuff, writing commentary

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