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Good day

I was bored last night, so I decided to make a round of telephone calls. This is a big deal for me, because I hate using the phone. First, I called my sister. She and her foster sister were play-arguing. It was kinda funny.

"She taught me how to read."

"I know--you tell me every day!"

"Well, she did!"

"I know! And she taught herself how to read!"


"At three."

"What, you don't believe me?"

"I do, but you tell me--"

"Every day, I know."

(The argument was about me, in case you were wondering. *grin*)

Then her foster mother decided, on the spur of the moment, to come up to Boston today. It took a while to figure out where we would meet. We finally decided on right in front of my dorm.

We had a great time today. The group was myself, R (my sister), A (her foster sister) and J (her foster mother). We went to Quincy Market and wandered around for a few hours. Then we had lunch at a nice restaurant (the name of which slips my mind at the moment). R and A were acting very, very strangely the entire time. They kept speaking in fake British accents and trying to attract attention. I guess I should expect anything else from two 16-year-olds, huh? :-)

Anyway, back to last night. I called my foster mother, and we chatted for a while. That was nice. It was quiet there, too, so I didn't have to worry about the call being interrupted by teenaged girls fighting over telephone privileges.

Then, I called my Big Sister, T. We talked about school and stuff like that. Her courseload seems larger than mine--and she works full-time, too!

All of these people were so shocked to hear from me. I was quite amused by their reactions. I think that calling more often would be a good idea.
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