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Oh. My. Fucking. God. There is a group of drunken college girls standing on the sidewalk near my dorm serenading the block with really bad renditions of old theme songs. The latest is one from that old Nickelodeon show, Eat My Shorts. Anyone remember that one? It was about a bunch of kids at summer camp. At least, I think that's the name of it. It's been years since I've seen it. "Camp Anawana, we hold you in our hearts; and when we think about you... IT MAKES ME WANNA FART!" And yes, they scream this last part at the top of their lungs.

There is also an Angry Screaming Girl in the dorm across the street, yelling "Shut the fuck up!" at the Drunk Singing Girls.

Why the hell can't these people stay over by Northeastern? I have to get up early tomorrow--well, early for a Saturday, anyway. Chorale's meeting for rehearsal at 10:30 tomorrow morning. I don't usually think about getting out of bed until 11.

Ah, college life.
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