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Mmm... plagiarism.

From "Torture" (such an apt title):

Gibbs got hit in the head with a snowball.

"IT WAS HER BOSS!!"Tony said pionting at Kate who was holding a snowball in one hand.

"Kate"Gibbs walked toward her slowly.


"Gibbs I swear I would never hurt you"Kate said getting a tiny bit scared at how mad he looked.

"Kate shut up and run"

Kate shrieked and ran away.

Gibbs quickly caught her grabbing her by the waist and tackling her to the ground.

Kate would never admit it but she ran purposely slow so he could catch her.

They rolled around a while before Gibbs pinned her on her back and sat on her holding her arms above her head.

From "Christmas Spirit":

Gibbs dropped to the ground as the first ball hit him--right on the butt. The second missed, but another hit his shoulder. "What the--" he yelled, forcibly censoring himself. He heard laughter behind him.

"Nice one, Kate!" Mike exclaimed, high-fiving her. Kate just grinned.

Gibbs got up slowly. "Whose idea was this?" he scowled.

"It was all her, Uncle Jethro," Mike grinned and pointed at Kate.

"What?!" Kate yelled. "Why, you little sneak!" She pointed her gun and spent the rest of her ammo on the teenager, who was doubled over laughing.

Gibbs grinned. "Kate?" he said.

Kate's eyes widened. "What?" she asked, starting to back away.

"Run." He lunged at her. She darted away, squealing. The boys laughed as their uncle chased his friend around the yard.

"It wasn't my idea, Gibbs! Honest!" she cried.

"So?" He grabbed her around the waist, and they tumbled to the ground. "You're the first one I caught."

"Hey, I'm only an accomplice. He was the mastermind behind all this," Kate panted as they mock-struggled. Gibbs pinned her arms above her head.
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