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JAG Rant: A Tangled Webb, Part 2 (OAD: 9/26/03)

Ladies and gentlemen, your first JAG rant of season nine.


"Things will never work out between us."

Yes! I am in heaven. The shippers are all having a collective coronary, but I am hyperventilating from excitement! I can't believe DPB actually did it!

No more Harm/Mac! The ship has sunk, baby. Yeah! And did you see the previews for next week? Webb/Mac OTP!

And no more Harm at JAG! I am in complete shock! What's he gonna do now? My guess is CIA.


Tonight was the season premiere of JAG. "A Tangled Webb, Part 2". It was so great! Wonderful! Grand! Fantastic!

Harm has a concussion--he's seeing everything blurry. He gets out of the plane, calling for Mac. He eventually finds her--she had gone back to the farm to borrow the farmer's truck. He shoots at her, thinking that the tire blowing out is a gunshot. He asks her if she's okay. "I will be if you stop trying to kill me." Then he says she looks kinda blurry. "I often thought I looked that way to you."

Webb and Gunny finally get to a hospital. Gunny has to force Webb to stay in a bed. Gunny says Webb's been in a work accident, as far as I can tell. (He says it in Spanish.) *snort* Yeah. That's the understatement of the year.

Hah! More great Mac quotes! When we go back to her and Harm: "Just wreck everything you lay your hands on." That's our Rabbit!

Aw... there's a pregnant woman in the hospital when Clay is admitted, and he pays for whatever she needs.

"Why don't you just keep driving until you run out of gas or we hit something?"

Okay... apparently, Clay is Anglican (Church of England). You learn something new every day.

Mac and Harm are stopped by a cow in the road. Harm refers to it as she, and Mac asks how he knows it's female. "Obstinate, immune to reason, and totally in the way." Okay, so the Rabbit gets some good one-liners. Then Mac gets out of the truck and gets the cow to move. Harm asks how she did it. "I told her all about you... every woman you've every known. She ran for her life." Stick that in your herring and smoke it, Rabb!

Aw (again)... the pregnant lady names her son after Clay. Isn't that sweet?

And... gratuitous bathtub scene with Mac... gratuitous towel scene with Mac... gratuitous party scene with Mac... gratuitous lesbian kiss scene--whoa! Back up the truck there!

No, not quite. She ran off before Maria Elena could get close enough to kiss her. But I'm sure cakemage is happy. Aren't you, dearie? *grin*

Hee. Clay and Gunny steal the ambulance to get to Ciudad del Este.

Oh, gag me with a spoon. Harm says that getting "married" (see "Pas de Deux") has taught him a lot about that kind of commitment. Harm? Commit? The man can't even commit to a brand of peanut butter, much less a woman.

Harm tells Mac, Clay, and Gunny that he resigned his commission. Mac asks if he's insane. I'm screaming, "Well, duh!"

And this is what I've been saying all along. Mac and Harm finally have their talk. Well, partially. Mac says, "That it was nice to have someone who--" then stops.

Harm says, "What? Someone who what?"

"Who states his intention. Who's willing to follow through."

Finally. The woman has seen the light! I knew she was a smart lady.

That bastard! Harm says to Mac (regarding Clay): "I just hope for his sake he fares better than your previous boyfriends and husbands."

Ouch. Mac's girlfriend (*grin*) has been killed.

Ha! Clay gets in a great poke at the Hamster. "The Commander often has delusions of grandeur."

Well, Harm stops the train that Sadik escapes on--by parking the truck on the tracks--but they lose the bad guy.

"Well, we'll see him again."

"How do you figure that?"

"Because he'll try to kill us both."

And that was such a sweet ending. (Well, after the wonderful "Things will never work out between us".) They dedicated it to Trevor Goddard, who died in June. For those of you who don't know, he played Mic Brumby for--what was it, three seasons?--on JAG.

This was a wonderful Harm-bashing episode from heaven. Tune in next week for "Shifting Sands", wherein Harm finds out he cannot return to JAG, and Mac and Clay kiss again! Woo-hoo!


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