like a psychotic rainbow (raindroproses) wrote,
like a psychotic rainbow

NCIS: The Truth is Out There (OAD: 3/16/04)

Tonight's NCIS was good. Not great, but good.

Glad to see they're not just forgetting the terrorist storyline. What do you want to bet the season finale will have something to do with him? (Of course, now that I've said that, it'll be wrong. I'm as bad as Kate at betting.)

Speaking of Kate betting... *snort* She actually bet on the Red Sox? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a fan, but that's just silly. *grin*

Oooh... *shiver* Gibbs was intense in this episode. I loved it.

Gah. Tony/Kate shippers get their moment again. Grrr. There's no way it would work, though, so maybe I should be happy--they'll have their moment and move on. I, unlike so many of the rabid JAG shippers, actually prefer unresolved sexual tension like the type between Gibbs and Kate. It makes for more fun with fanfic. ;-)

Speaking of fanfic, that Gibbs/Mac I've been wanting to write? Has now turned into rivalsmut in my mind. Angry Gibbs and angry Mac going at it... Now that would be fun to write. *vbeg*
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