Hermione smarter (by potterpuffs)

Powerful/Strong Hermione Fics

For all of us who are fans of, as pstibbons has named it, the Grangerverse, this is a list of fics where a shamelessly kickass Hermione takes center stage. Magically, politically, intellectually (that's a given) or just personality-wise, in these stories, Hermione is in some way powerful.

I'll gladly take recommendations, but I won't include anything that is poorly written. ("Poorly written" is left to my discretion; if you'd like to create a list with fics I don't include, go for it.)

**Updated April 14, 2015.

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'K bye (by stormi-skies)

Owwww. Owie. Ouch.

Dear pharmaceutical industry: I love you. I love you so very, very much. You are my new friend.

I am not the stoic type. I realized that fully today, when I whimpered my way through a wisdom tooth extraction. Seriously, I sounded like a kicked puppy.
Dogbert bah

"Bah" to stereotypical gender roles.

Christmas! I love Christmas. I like decorations, and candy, and yes, I unironically love Christmas music. But the best part is watching kids open presents and seeing their reactions.

I only get to see my niece and nephew around the holidays, so I don't really know what their interests are. (Though they are only three and two respectively, so it's not quite as bad--the best part for them is the wrapping paper.) This year, some of their gifts were: for her, a baby doll, one of those little barking and walking dogs, and a MobiGo; and for him, a toy dump truck and backhoe, and a dancing piano thing with Mega Bloks inside.

He ended up playing with the fuzzy little dog with the pink bow; she wanted the dump truck. (They both fought over the MobiGo. Apparently, they really love playing with my sister's tablet.)

Anyone who thinks gender roles are inherent and not taught, well, Dogbert would have something to say to them.
Mythbusters reject reality (by minty_pea

Fic rec!

You guys. You need to read this fic. Seriously. If you're a fan of the Vorkosigan saga, you need to read this--it's EPIC. And happy! I do enjoy Miles-whumping (AKA canon) as much as the next person, but sometimes you just want a truly happy ending.

Forward Momentum by bracketyjack (story link goes to AO3)
Summary: LMB famously has a rule-of-thumb in writing, especially where poor old Miles is concerned -- when in doubt, have the worst possible thing happen. But suppose that were turned around, and instead the best thing happened? or best things, unstoppably, in Milesian droves, and for pretty much everyone?

"Let's see what happens."

I still can't bring myself to re-read Cryoburn--the ending made me bawl like a little bitch--so this is my new canon. What? I can't hear you over the rushing river of de Nile. :-)

Forward Momentum made me almost glad for the cold I've been fighting for five days. I love this fic and I shall hug it and squeeze it and keep in my favorites for all time.
Big Block of Cheese (TWW)

"I ha' woot canaw."

The high-pitched whine of a dentist's drill must be one of the most horrifying sounds in the universe.

Like CJ said up there, I had a root canal today. It wasn't so bad, except for the knowledge that the dentist was drilling into my freaking tooth. *shudders* I spent the entire time quoting "Celestial Navigation" to myself. And running "Carry On" through my head. Though I blame the latter for the dentist office's Pandora channel--it was playing just before I was called in.
Window shopping (by stormi-skies)

Well, that was anticlimactic.

So, today is Black Friday. You'd think that, as I work at Walmart, I'd have a horror story about how crazy people were today.

Not so much.

Actually, my store was so slow in sales this morning that about half of the associates got to go home early (me included). Sucks for my bonus, but great for my blood pressure.
Grey Lady (by potterpuffs)

Watched Brave last night...

...Ended up crying like a baby. AGAIN. Curse you, Pixar, and your ridiculously sentimental films!

Though I must say, I kinda adore Merida. So far from the early, eternally passive Disney princesses.

Oh! And in my headcanon, Queen Elinor (Merida's mother) is totally Rapunzel's mom's sister.
I love the world (xkcd)

My election reaction

I had to work Tuesday night, so I could watch the news on TV. Instead, as soon as my midnight break rolled around, I grabbed my cell phone and hit up the CNN site.

I totally didn't leap out of my chair, shout "YES!" and fistpump when I saw that CNN had called the election in favor of Obama. Not at all.

Except that I really, really did.
Window shopping (by stormi-skies)


I was on iTunes in order to get a copy of "The War Was in Color" by Carbon Leaf (for which I blame settiai's awesome Captain America/Avengers vid), and I started poking around. There were a bunch of classical albums featured, and I remembered that I've wanted to get a copy of "The Lark Ascending" by Vaughan Williams for a while. The only problem with this is, iTunes doesn't sell a copy of the full piece as a single. You have to purchase an entire album to get it.

I don't normally say this, but: iTunes for the fail.

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